Aerospace Jobs in Canada

Aerospace and aeronautical jobs are offered across sectors by major companies in Canada. Businesses accept requests and look forward to hiring employees with suitable training, skills, and experience.

Positions and Aerospace Jobs

There are plenty of job offerings and positions available, from base managers and technical data controllers to international flight dispatchers, aircraft cabinet finishers, and ramp and station attendants. Aerospace companies also hire connection baggage specialists, station managers, aircraft maintenance engineers, and line base supervisors. Aircraft maintenance engineers, for example, are responsible for testing and inspecting equipment, parts, and aircraft and handle different tasks to ensure that components and parts are installed correctly. They are tasked with attaching clips, hinges, and brackets and drilling holes in units and structures. Line base supervisors are responsible for inspection tags, log books, and sheets and help recruit staff members and provide instructions. There are other positions to look into, including airport operation managers, passenger services agents, licensed aircraft technicians, and flight standards coordinators. There are plenty of job opportunities for professionals in the field, from business development analysts and inflight training development specialists to plating specialists, aircraft structures technicians, and avionics technicians.

Salaries across the Sector

Salaries vary across industry and are based on education level and experience. The median salary across airlines is about $6,800, and the average salary is slightly over $7,200. The minimum salary for airline employees is $2,480 and the maximum - $18,750. Air traffic controllers, for example, earn about $10,800 on average while aircraft electricians earn $2,480. Pilots are at the upper end of the spectrum, with an average salary of $10,250. Aerospace engineers earn close to $7,480 while quality assurance engineering managers get about $4,270 a month.